Local Etsy Find

I'm a big fan of Etsy and it won't take you long to figure that out.  The creative girl in me loves to mix among the craftiness found on Etsy.  So don't be surprised to find lots of posts about something I've stumbled on.  Literally I could spend hours window shopping the site.  If you don't know what Etsy is, make sure you go check it out quick, fast, and in a hurry.  It's a site stocked full of handmade goodness!

My latest Etsy find, a three tiered recycled vinyl dessert stand!

Three Tiered Dessert Stand,recycled records-Eco Friendly Functional Art
Um...excuse me but this is pretty funky and I love it!  How clever.  If you're a lover of vinyl, this is totally for you.  How perfect would this be as a part of your dessert display at your event if you're a music lover.  True, vinyl is a thing of the past but what better way to be nostalgic?

Three Tiered Dessert Stand,recycled records-Eco Friendly Functional Art

It's even separated by cool glasses.  Yes, I'm in love here!

There are even cake stands.

Pedestal Cake Stand 12"-Motown, recycled records-Eco Friendly Functional Art

Oh mercy me!

Check out the Etsy Store Retired Records for more lovely vinyl finds to tickle your fancy! Another cool thing...the artist Karen Dengler is right here in Cincinnati! What's not to love? Unique. Eco-Friendly. Local. Yep, pretty awesome!

915 Monmouth

Back in 2010 I had the pleasure of meeting Jacalyn Mains of JMM Photography at a networking event.  We connected over a discussion that only two moms can have and were pretty much instant friends.  At the time Jacalyn was sharing studio space with Marti Thompson of Marti’s Floral Designs .  One thing lead to another and the three of us became united in “holy studio-mony”  Early 2011 we began discussing our next steps and decided that we would embark on a new space and take on a few more friends.  So Kristen Becker of 5 Dot Design  and Kelly Ledford of Cinci Makeup joined the party.  More to come on my fantastic friends later!

While the five of us love working events together, it’s not a requirement for clients though it’s definitely a perk.  We realize that there is a bigger importance in making sure clients have vendors that are the right fit, and we encourage that.

Our new studio has taken on quite a transformation from the day we took possession.  Read more about it on our feature in Design Sponge!!  If you know anything about D*S, you’ll know it’s the Blog Mecca of all things design and we are beyond excited to have been featured.

Not only do we now live in a super fab and cozy new home, we also have the space up for grabs should you desire a swanky, trendy, and metropolitan sort of space to host your next event! 

Welcome to our crib at 915 Monmouth 

Images courtesy of JMM Photography


Hello There!

Welcome to The Bride’s Eye View!  Grab a cup of coffee get cozy and sit a spell.  Or perhaps depending on what time it is maybe a glass of wine…whatever your drink of choice just go grab it and come back!

Ok, now that you’re back let me introduce myself.  I’m Tiesha, the Owner and Lead Operations Manager for Event Elixir and now the Editor of The Bride’s Eye View, the Event Elixir blog.  

Why The Bride’s Eye View (BEV), you ask?  Well this is a place to find information that you really want to know.  You’ll find things like real talk with local vendors, wedding inspiration, and tips to make your wedding day all about you and what matters most.  I hope that you’ll find the BEV a fun and cozy place that you like to hang out in regularly.

Both Event Elixir and the BEV are new to me.  I started my original planning business; Creative Afflairs in 2004 and just a short while ago renamed and rebranded the business to Event Elixir.  I decided to change the name to something that is more of a reflection of who I am and what matters most to me.  While  I consider myself super crafty and creative, when it comes to planning I’m uber detail oriented. Blame it on my anal retentiveness or perhaps my degree in Supply Chain Management.  But I absolutely LOVE the details, and I love helping clients find the right solutions to pull the details together into something fabulous.  

So enough talk about me, who are you?  Thanks for joining me on this journey, I’m glad to have you here.

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