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Welcome to The Bride’s Eye View!  Grab a cup of coffee get cozy and sit a spell.  Or perhaps depending on what time it is maybe a glass of wine…whatever your drink of choice just go grab it and come back!

Ok, now that you’re back let me introduce myself.  I’m Tiesha, the Owner and Lead Operations Manager for Event Elixir and now the Editor of The Bride’s Eye View, the Event Elixir blog.  

Why The Bride’s Eye View (BEV), you ask?  Well this is a place to find information that you really want to know.  You’ll find things like real talk with local vendors, wedding inspiration, and tips to make your wedding day all about you and what matters most.  I hope that you’ll find the BEV a fun and cozy place that you like to hang out in regularly.

Both Event Elixir and the BEV are new to me.  I started my original planning business; Creative Afflairs in 2004 and just a short while ago renamed and rebranded the business to Event Elixir.  I decided to change the name to something that is more of a reflection of who I am and what matters most to me.  While  I consider myself super crafty and creative, when it comes to planning I’m uber detail oriented. Blame it on my anal retentiveness or perhaps my degree in Supply Chain Management.  But I absolutely LOVE the details, and I love helping clients find the right solutions to pull the details together into something fabulous.  

So enough talk about me, who are you?  Thanks for joining me on this journey, I’m glad to have you here.

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