2012 Pantone Color of the Year

Perhaps you've heard of Pantone...but maybe not.  So let me give you a quickie on why Pantone might be important to you.  As Wikipedia would say, the "Pantone Color Matching System is largely a standardized color reproduction system".  It's used mainly in printing, but also plastics, colored paints, and fabric. So what exactly does that mean to you exactly? 

Ok, let's say you'd like for your bridesmaids dresses to exactly match a specific color used in your stationery.  Or you'd like to be sure that the color you've used to paint your fancy DIY cake stand project to be an exact match of your stationery and/or the aforementioned dress.  Yep, you can assure the colors match via the Pantone.  Cool, huh? 

Well Pantone has released the 2012 Color of the Year.  Drumroll please..........
Tangerine Tango!!  Don't you just love the name?

Image courtesy of Pantone
I love this color!  It's so vibrant, exciting, and well...happy!  While winter is barely here, Tangerine Tango makes me anticipate the longer days and sunshine of summer.  It also makes me feel like this girl!

Image courtesy of Pantone

Feel free to read more specifics about Tangerine Tango from Pantone here.  After all, I'm no technical guru so you may as well get the real dish from the source.

What do you think about Tangerine Tango?  Think you'll incorporate it into any of your event plans, your wardrobe, or walls? Do tell!

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