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All things considered, I believe there to be only two difficult things about planning a wedding - the guest list, and vendor selections in order of difficulty. 

The fact of the matter is that for most people planning a wedding comes down to costs.  There is a direct relationship between costs and guest count, but some times people don’t see it that way.  However to put it simply, each person in attendance equals money.  You pay for them to take up space, to eat, for favors…every detail you plan has a related cost per person.  So the hard part is determining whether or not each person on the guest list should be there.  This is hard, very hard.  It goes without saying that weddings are emotional, not just for the couple but for everyone.  So making the guest list or not weighs differently for some.  In the end it’s important to find your balance between cost and emotion.  While I could offer up some suggestions, and stay tuned because I will, the emotion of it is the challenge.

Beyond White

Meanwhile, as each guest added to the list creates another tick mark in the budget, selecting the right vendor does also.  Creating the right team is key to the success of your event not only in execution but also in final costs.  When the perfect team is crafted it’s like you’ve set off your own 4th of July celebration.  All things orchestrate in harmony.  As we know though, finding that right vendor can be tricky.  After all, planning weddings is not your full time job and you’re likely not plugged in to the wedding scene.  Therefore you must use your best guess, hunch, gut feeling, or a good word from a friend to determine what vendor is best suited for you. Or of course you could hire a Planner to save you some time and heartache. (shameless plug here!)

To help you wrap your mind around all of the things required to throw your biggest and best most memorable party, we’ll bring to you resources and information to help you along the way.  So no need to fret, we’ve got you covered. 

Coming soon we’ll introduce you to some of my dearest wedding friends and colleagues, the ladies of 915 Monmouth.  Of course, given that we share office space I’m bias in thinking their work is fabulous.  Quite frankly, if I didn’t think they weren’t awesome we wouldn’t be in such close quarters!  However, there’s one thing I know about the aforementioned perfectly crafted team of wedding vendors – not all vendors are for all people.  There’s some people that are just perfectly matched for each other and while I wish it were always the case for us at 915 Monmouth, it’s simply not and I respect the uniqueness that each person and event brings.  So while it would be awesome to always work with my office posse, I have lots of love for many other amazing wedding vendors as well, and I'll put you in touch with them real soon.  

Coming up soon, I’ll spend some time introducing you to each of home girls and their awesomesauce talent, and I’m pretty sure you’ll love them as much as I do!

The Ladies of 915 Monmouth
LtoR: Kristen Becker, Me, Marti Thompson, Jacklyn Mains at our Grand Opening Party
(not pictured Kelly Ledford of Cinci Makeup)
Image courtesy of JMM Photography

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