Chalkboard Love

I enjoy the nostalgia of chalkboards.  It reminds me of childhood when life was footloose and fancy free.  The fact that it's now used in so many unique ways, just makes my heart flitter flutter when I see something really cool.

Here are a few that I really love!


Chalkboard Ailse Runner

Chalkboard Getaway Car!
Want more chalkboard ideas for your event?  Check out our Chalkboard Inpiration board on Pinterest here.

Have you incorporated any chalkboard decor into your event?  Tell us how!


Engagement Chronicles: Bridesmaids Dress Update

Just a quick update: We got the dresses! YAY!
Three of my bridesmaids were able to meet up in September and get measured for their dresses!

Sammy, quiet and cute, as usual!
Courtney being goofy!
Bekah, always stylin'!
Don't they just look amazingggg!!
We had a fun-filled afternoon with dress shopping and lunch! The girls tried on the dress from Wendy’s Cincinnati Bridal.
My two cousins, Bekah and Sammy.

Then we walked over to Foley’s for lunch.

Thanks for a great weekend girls!

Until next time...

Engagement Chronicles: Bridal Showers Galore

As a bride-to-be and being welcomed into a very big family I get the luxury to go to all the other brides in the family’s bridal showers and weddings! I love this. I have so much fun and get to know Steven’s family even more each event.

This also gives me ideas of what I should be registering for and what I like from different stores and such. It is a fun experience to pick out items for others and feel like you are helping the happy couple start their new lives together.  

At the last shower I attended, the bride wanted white dinnerware.

She mentioned that she really liked the white place settings because if they paint or move the dishes will always match.

I myself find white dinnerware to be kind of boring, but I never really thought about it in that way. I do like the way the dishes would always match but I really like a little pop of color on the dinner table. But I have kept that theory in mind!
What do you think? What did you register for?

Until next time…


Engagement Chronicles: Save The Date!

Save-the-dates have been designed!

After Steven and I took our engagement photos this summer, we knew we were going to use some of the photos for our save the date cards. I really wasn’t sure what I wanted for our save the dates, except that I wanted them to be memorable, fun and cute. 

I searched all over for ideas: I looked at Etsy, Wedding Paper Divas, The Green Kangaroo, Minted, EVERYWHERE! I found stuff that I liked but I guess I was being too picky! :)
Finally I settled on an idea I came across on Pinterest which was pinned from Etsy. I adore the idea and think it is perfect for the theme of the wedding. I contacted a woman who has her own Etsy shop as well as website and Facebook, Alisa Marie Designs; we went back and forth about it all but as soon as she sent me the first proof, it was amazing. I was SO happy with the work she did that I definitely decided to book her for our invitations. I LOVE the fact that the save the dates and invitations are all handmade and custom. This means a lot a time and effort has gone into making them as well as they are specially made for Steven and me. 

Here are a few of Alisa's designs:

She does a lot of different types of stationary such as birthday cards, shower invitations, stationary, thank you cards, wedding invitations, save the dates and more!

I can’t wait to send them out now and see everyone’s reactions. This will be a big step toward finalizing the weddinggg! :)

::I’d give you guys a sneak peak but I don’t want to spoil it! Sorrryyy!::

If you ever need fresh and fun stationary check out Alisa's website and Facebook page for a lot a great ideas. She can customize anything!

Until next time...



Engagement Chronicles: Engagement Photos

Remember me telling you our engagement photos would be coming soon...? Well here they are and we are thrilled!

Selecting a photographer was pretty easy for us.  Our dear friend, Isaiah Ratterman of Zaya Photography was our first and only choice! Not only is he a great friend but he's also an awesome photographer! We couldn't be happier to have him capture such a significant time in our lives, and thankful that he'll be a part of it!
The temperature was hotter than Hades but we managed to get a lot of great shots. We started off kind of rocky because we were nervous. Neither one of us likes to show PDA so we felt kind of silly at first.  It's hard to show affection when you know someone is watching.  Isaiah quickly made us feel at ease, and we were able to get into the groove of things eventually.
Here are a few of our favorites:

Can't wait to see what Isiah capture's on the big day!

Until next time...

Locations- Ault Park, Cincinnati
Clothing- Calvin Klein dress (me); Turquoise Dri-fit shirt and Calvin Klein plaid shorts (Steven)
Makeup- Buxom Eye Primer



Engagement Chronicles: Stick Around Eye Primer

Steven and I took our first round of engagement pics. (Coming Soon!)

I was researching for eye lid primer for eye shadow. I have oily skin so with that, my eye shadow tends to clump and crease and by the end of the night, I have none on.

So on my quest, I stumbled upon this little beauty on Sephora's website.

BUXOM stick around eye primer! This stuff is AWESOME! I read the reviews and everyone had great things to say about this sucker so I gave it a try and it worked wonders.

Since we took pictures outside at Ault Park (which was beautiful, by the way!) I really wanted my eye shadow to stay on and guess what... IT DID! We were outside for about 5 hours in pretty much the hottest part of the day and it really, honestly stayed on my eye lids and so did my eye shadow.

Conclusion: if you know you will be wearing eye shadow all day and need a good primer to keep it where it belongs, I really recommend BUXOM eye primer!

Until next time...


Engagement Chronicles: Tasting Part II


A couple weekends ago, Steven and I met with another caterer and tasted their food. So we had a very big lunch.

But since Steven is a picky eater we had some pretty generic entrees. The hors d’ oeuvres were a different story.

Stuffed mushrooms with sausage and cheese
Spicy chicken wontons
Smoked mozzarella cups with honey
Goat cheese puffs with chopped pear
Crab cakes with Creole mayonnaise

Mixed greens with watercress, olives, hearts of palm and feta cheese with a white balsamic vinaigrette
Mixed greens with dates, oranges, dried cranberries, spiced almonds and parmesan with honey thyme vinaigrette

Sirloin with a red wine sauce
Grilled chicken with:
-A lemon herb beurre blanc (creamy sauce)
-Assorted sauces: corn and black bean salsa, mango salsa, mushroom sauce

Sides:Medley- snow peas, carrots, broccoli and peppers
Roasted green beans with cherry tomatoes

This food was delicious! The assorted hors d’oeuvres seemed weird written on the paper but after trying them, they were amazing. I LOVED the goat cheese puffs with pears. It was warm and sweet like a dessert. YUM!

Salads weren’t my favorite. I would have switched a few things between them to make my perfect salad. Cranberries, almonds, feta cheese and balsamic vinaigrette would be my choice. But the cool thing about it is that they will customize anything we want. This aspect is wonderful!

My favorite entrée was the grilled chicken and the assorted sauces. I absolutely loved the creamy lemon sauce and the corn and black bean salsa. Both had just the right flavor for the chicken.

And to give credit where credits due: Steven actually came up with the idea of having plain chicken breasts and have assorted sauces. He is picky and we have some food allergies in our families, we thought this was the perfect idea. This way everybody can eat the chicken but can have whatever dressing/sauce they want to accompany it. [[Way to go Steven!!]] J

All in all, I would give this a rating of an 8!

Until next time…


Engagement Chronicles: Food! The best part, right!?

So the other night my family and I went to one of the caterers food tastings. The menu is already chosen for you by the chef but you can choose to try whatever you like. They started out with drinks and then gave us a tour of their brand new kitchen. After the tour we sat back down and started the first course.

Course #1: Romaine lettuce with strawberries, feta cheese, and candied walnuts. This was amazing! I loved it. I gobbled it right up. (Sorry forgot to snap a picture).
Next they brought our warm rolls with cinnamon honey butter-- to die for!

For the main course, there four plates and then a vegetarian plate. Each dish was served one time to each party and you shared amongst yourselves.

Course #2:
Filet Mignon, salmon, Parmesan mashed potatoes and asparagus.

I am not a big steak eater when it comes to eating out, I'd rather eat homemade steak, but this was awesome! It was cooked just right. The salmon was also good; but the best part of this dish was the Parmesan mashed potatoes. They were cooked to perfection! Delish!

Course #3:
Pork tenderloin with a chutney on top, spinach stuffed chicken and a vegetable medley.

I am not a fan of cooked spinach but the chicken was good and the cheese on the spinach helped and made for a creamier chicken.

Course #4:
Chicken with topping, panko crusted Tilapia with a sauce, garlic potatoes, and vegetable medley.

This was my favorite dish by far! The Tilapia was my favorite and I had actually never had it before. The garlic potatoes were amazing but I'm still pulling for the Parm ones. The chicken was cooked perfectly too and the topping was good.

Course #5:
Chicken with different topping, beef, red potatoes, and green beans with almonds.

This plate was not one of my favorites. But it wasn't bad.

Vegetarian Dish= vegetables!!

This dinner was awesome. I am so happy that we got the opportunity to check out this caterer and see what types of foods they had to offer. It was a great idea to have a pre-tasting tasting for their potential guests.

I give the whole experience an 8! :)

Until next time...


Engagement Chronicles: Registry and Decorating Class at Pottery Barn

A few weeks back, my mom and I attend a joint registry party/class at Pottery Barn with their sister store Williams Sonoma. It was a fun little night! Part of the bonus is that we were able to register in their system if we wanted, which allowed us to create a registry if we wanted. I went ahead and did this because (1) I was already there and I wanted to register there anyway, and (2) I seriously cannot get enough of their stuff!

The event started first where we were lead by one of the managers to tell us about the store and how it was set up. She mentioned at the start that the summer stuff is seasonal and that by the time of our wedding it probably would not be in stock anymore. I already knew this, but it made me upset because I really LOVE all the beach and outdoors-y stuff!

So after that we were left to start registering. At first, I wasn't really into it because our wedding was over a year out and I just felt that it was too early but I decided to register for a few things, but I did eventually find a few things I decided to add.

Here are some of the items:
Shiny Hammered Flatware

Juliette Oversized Serving Platter (the one on the left)

Vintage Wood Carved Bowls

PB Classic Glass Canisters

They also had a session on how to make centerpieces. This was the part I was most interested in. I really love the lanterns with rope, shells and candles. During this part they were really good about helping you pick out what was complimentary to your theme and how to design them. I didn't know this, but they even have a complimentary service to help you actually set them up at your reception! How cool is that?

Here are a few ideas of what we came up with:

Knowing we want to do something like the above photos we bought a few of these pieces which were on clearance. We got them for practically nothing!

At the end, they gave us goodie bags that had informational items in them as well as some chocolates.
This experience was really good. We were able to learn more about registering and about Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma. I would definitely suggest this event to other brides. You can learn so much from it and really figure out what you actually can and should register for. But as a planner I think it gives the brides another perspective of registering and etiquette. It gives a little more insight, I think, than just one person. The employees help brides all the time with registering and they know what is popular and what the new trends are.

Until next time...


Etsy Find : The Printed Surface

The Printed Surface

I stumbled on these fun latte mugs on Etsy while "window shopping". If you and your Boo are coffee, tea, or any sort of liquid drinkers, this would certainly be a nice way to share a moment together. They'd also make cute gifts for a lovely couple, if you're looking for something unique. Hop on over to The Printed Surface on Etsy, and check out all of the little lovelies they have created over there!

The Printed Surface
Um, hello??? Mr. and Mrs. Pacman??? So cute I can barely stand it!

Happy drinking!

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