Growth is Good! Meet Loren.

One of my favorite sayings is “That which does not grow is dead”.  Not sure if I heard this somewhere (feel free to let me know), or if I made it up at some point (sometimes, I do that), but nonetheless I believe in its symbolism and applicability to life.  It reminds me that change is good.  Change helps you grow.

Back in October of last year, I received an email from a college student, soon to be college grad, saying she’d been reading the paper and saw an article about my new studio, and wanted to know if I were hiring.  This email came following the launch of a new brand and the aforementioned new studio.  My first thought was “hmmm…college students still read the paper,  eh?” =) With that thought I was impressed, but I was not hiring.  I was however intrigued to know more about her personally, her interest in wedding planning and was more than willing to sit and talk with her about the industry but not employment necessarily. Years ago when I began my career there were Planners willing to sit with me and share their knowledge and for that, I’ll forever be grateful.  I also believe in “paying it forward” and taking the time help others grow.  So we scheduled a meeting and as a result I thought she was pretty cool.  We had good conversation, shared experiences, and a discussion about dreams.  I’m a dreamer, and I LOVE talking about dreams in life! Then I had an idea…sort of like a light bulb kind of idea!  

The result of that idea, and lots of discussion later brings us to today where I’d like to introduce you to Loren Koehler, Associate Planner, Event Elixir!  Loren brings a fresh set of eyes and experience to Event Elixir, and I’m excited to have her on board!  I hope you have the chance to meet her soon, but in the meantime you can find her on our Facebook page from time to time, and here on the blog.  What will she be blogging about you ask???  Well, golly gee she’s a Bride to Be!  Awesome, huh?  So stay tuned as she gives us a glimpse into her own wedding planning.

I asked Loren to share some things about herself, keep reading after the jump to find out more!

Loren Koehler

Are you from the area? Yes, I am from Cincinnati originally.  I’ve lived in my current home near Amelia since I was 3.

You’re about to graduate from college, what have you been up to since you’ve been there? I am currently in my last semester at Northern Kentucky University and my degree will be in Public Relations with a minor in marketing. I actually attended the University of Kentucky for my freshman year with a major looking into business.

What's your favorite color? My favorite color is hard to explain, but my favorite color family is ocean colors....so blues/greens. Lol

Describe yourself in 4 words? Silly, athletic, organized, family-oriented (yea I used 5 words!)

What's your favorite "do nothing" activity? In the summer it would be lay out by my grandma's pool, but with the weather right now its watch my guilty pleasure "Say Yes to the Dress."

What's your favorite food? Italian- home cooked spaghetti and meatballs with meat sauce and garlic bread. MMM! Being Italian, you can't really pass that up.

Your coffee order? I waiver between White Chocolate Mocha and Cinnamon Dolce Latte but when it becomes holiday season, all I drink is a Peppermint Mocha!

Favorite thing about weddings? Ultimate favorite thing is that it is a huge (or intimate) family party. It's a day that you literally celebrate with all the most important people in your life and welcoming a new one at the same time.

Sports fan? Favorite team? I LOVE sports. Basketball-UK Wildcats, all-time favorite sport team and sport in general that I like to watch. I grew up watching UK with my dad and we still do it! Our little thing. Baseball- Reds but I am a Yankees fan (more or less Derek Jeter) and I blame Steven for that. Football- I watch the Bengal’s but they are disappointing so I've recently become a New Orleans Saints fan. Not sure why.... :)

Any hobbies? I try and workout/run/motivate myself to be active, I play with my puppy (5 year cattle dog) Sampson- he looks like a dingo! I LOVE to shop and watch movies especially anything with Jim Carrey and/or Will Ferrell in it. I wish I were more creative and had the time for it.

What are you known among your friends for? Being the little scrappy one.  I’ve played soccer and basketball since I could practically walk and I was the feisty one but I was always the smallest one too. My friends all call me Lu, a nickname from my dad when I was little and it was easier to go by that since there were always multiple Loren's/Lauren's.

Show Loren some love by adding a comment or email her at loren@eventelixir.com.

Welcome aboard Loren, so glad to have you!

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