I run.

Roughly a year ago, I started running.  A good friend and avid runner encouraged me join her in the Flying Pig Half Marathon (13.1 miles). I’m not exactly sure why I agreed considering I hadn’t ever run a long distance, but I did.  My friend sent me a 12 week training plan that I followed pretty precisely for the most part, and on May 6, 2011 I ran my first half marathon!

It was about mile 8 or 9ish during the race that a lot of why I started and continued running made sense to me.  As my girlfriend Charline and I turned the corner on Madison Rd. near one of my favorite coffee shops, I heard “Mommy!!!”, and there were my then 3 year old son and husband cheering us on.  It took all I had not to burst into tears as I ran toward them and got in some much needed hugs and kisses before continuing on.

So among the many hats I wear in my day to day life, Runner is now one of them.  I run several days a week and also co-lead the local chapter of Black Girls RUN!, a national running group focused on reducing the growing obesity epidemic among African-American women.

Running helps me stay grounded.  It makes me feel powerful, alive, and free. It keeps me centered and focused. It reminds me to be thankful for all things. It makes me a better person.

So what in the world does this have to do with weddings?  Not much honestly. But as life ebbs and flows and you embark on new phases in life I encourage you to find what matters most and spend your time focusing on those things…what ever they are.  You’ll be all the better for it, both personally and in your relationships with others.

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yougogirl said...

Great post! Thanks to you, I run too =)!

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