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Back in April of 2007, Steven and I met through a mutual friend through social networking. There were a few of us that were supposed to meet up and hang out over spring break—when it ended up being just us two. So we hung out and totally hit it off. Right off the bat I loved his humor and way of lightening up the mood. We started dating not too long after that and have been together ever since.
Over this summer in August, my family planned its annual vacation right before school started back up. I knew this year was going to be the year that Steven joined…that was until his Dad and Stepmom were interested in going on vacation since they hadn’t been in a few years. My parents sent his parents the information of where we were staying and it was a beautiful condo in Panama City Beach, FL. Steven’s family decided to stay in the same place!
Steven actually had bought the ring at the beginning of July and just was a little nervous to ask me along with my dad and brother. J So two weeks before our vacation I, working at Macy’s at the time, had to work the late shift. This was the perfect opportunity for Steven to take my Dad out to dinner and ask. We both are a little traditional when it comes to asking for permission—he even called my brother, who I’m very close with, to get his permission.
Apparently Steven really did not have a date selected to propose but when both of our families decided to go on vacation together, the light bulb came on. The first night we were there, Steven called to see if I wanted to go on a beach walk and me being lazy said “maybe tomorrow night…” Steven would not have it, so I gave in. So on our walk, Steven started talking about the walk saying, “You know, this is our first beach walk together, but it won’t be our last…” I really thought he was joking about that little pick up line, he is a jokester. I turned to give him a silly look and he was getting on one knee. I HONESTLY was not expecting a proposal AT ALL! Whenever we would talk about it, he would always tell me next summer (’12) and finally I got the hint. I was so surprised that I started to walk away from him because I thought he was joking. Now I know he would never take a joke that far which then made me a super happy girl! So on August 13th, we were engaged.

Since we were on vacation I waited until the next morning and I called my grandparents to tell them the good news. I let them tell the rest of the family because I didn’t want anyone to find out over any social media sites.
When we came home, we decided to pick a date and start looking at venues. We decided on July 5, 2013 at Devou Park.
So stay tuned for more of the action. I will keep you all posted with my wedding plans we Steven and I make our decisions. Feel free to email me at Loren@eventelixir.com


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