The Target Bridesmaid

I know I’m not the only one here that’s been a bridesmaid in a wedding or two…or more.  The highlight of the bridesmaid responsibility always seems to loom around the dress.  I’m very much convinced after have been in several weddings, having been married myself, and having bride’s as clients, that all bride’s think THEIR dress can be worn again after the wedding.  Well frankly…a lot of times that’s just not the case.  We always have the best intent when picking a dress for our dearest friends, but sometimes we just miss the mark on the dress and the price.  Let’s face it, who really wants to buy a $200+ dress that will sit in their closet or be donated?  Not most of us, but we do because we love our girlfriends, and that’s perfectly ok! 
Another thing I’m convinced of is that Target pipes things in the air to make you buy all sorts and kinds of things when really you only went in for 4 things.  Come on now…I know it’s not just me!  I love Target, I really really do.  Really.  There’s never a time I enter the store and don’t find something that tickle’s my fancy and ends up home with me. I’m sure I’ll be a fan for life. 


I recently discovered that my beloved Target is now in the bridesmaid dress business.  I think they really hit home with this too.  They offer nine different styles, three fabrics (shantung, chiffon, and sateen), and a variety of color options.  The real kicker???  All for $69.99 or less if on sale.  Swoon!  I’d say the vast majority of the styles available can certainly be worn again, that is assuming you have a place to go. They are certainly worth checking into, especially at the price point.  The only downside that I can think of is that they are only available on line which means no girl trips for dress fittings. 


It seems that more and more retailers are beginning to offer bridal attire and I wonder who’s next?  If you happen to get your hands on one of these lovelies or if your bridesmaids are wearing one, let me know.  I’d love to see pictures! 
What do you think about this one?  Cute for a rehearsal dinner, eh?


Engagement Chronicles : Bridal Shows

Knowing my wedding is over a year away,  I felt like we had all this time to plan but it comes up a lot quicker than you think. With most engagements, they last between 8-10 months; so there is even less time to plan!

I found that the best thing for Steven and my wedding was to attend bridal shows for a one stop sample of all things wedding. My first ever show was the Wendy’s Bridal Expo at Duke Energy Center this past January. It is the biggest bridal expo in the area and it brings in about 150 vendors in ONE PLACE! This is an awesome way to meet some of the wedding vendors in the area! The event is usually at the beginning of January and it is a great way to see all the different categories related to wedding ceremonies and receptions.
At the time of the show we had nothing booked besides our venue (Drees Pavilion). ::as a side note- take your mom or maid of honor!:: I took my mom with me and we talked to so many different vendors- DJs, transportation, bakeries, venues, flowers, invitations, and so many more. There is even a fashion show that happens twice during the event.
JLM Couture
At the door you are handed a booklet of all the vendors present and a big bag, take it…. trust me, you’ll USE IT! As you go through the maze of vendors, you’ll stop at ones that look intriguing and listen to their pitch. Then you’ll take their business card and other free samples they are giving away. Then you’ll move onto the next booth. At the end, your arm will hurt from carrying just a heavy bag full of vendor information. Then you’ll get home and go through it all. For me, that was the most exciting part, I got to really think about their sales pitch and if I liked their booth display.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful place to get great ideas. You get to see all these different vendors in one room and learn what they have to offer. For example, my mom learned at lot about dee jay's their prices, what the packages include, and master of ceremonies. There are even vendors there that you probably never thought of like registries, travel agencies, and photo booths. This event was a great way to get a lot of exposure to different vendors and companies.
Curious about some of the things I've got my eye on?  Check me out on Pinterest!

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