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Trying to decide on decor is a big deal… I have never felt so much pressure to make the ambiance and environment of our wedding to be perfect.
Here is my dilemma:
·         I LOVE the beach and everything that says beach about it.
·         I am instantly drawn to the colors that come out during the summer time and they remind me of the beach—my family has taken a vacation to the beach everywhere since I was born. It is special to me and us as a family.
·         Steven proposed to me on the beach. It was very romantic and special.
So… I of course wanted to incorporate a beach theme into my wedding. Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking… Oh great here we go with a starfish on every piece of furniture, clothes, centerpiece, etc.
NOOOO! Not at all, that is what I want to stay away from… as I told Tiesha, I want it to be Hampton’s Beach not Florida Beach house.
Photographer: Deborah Whitlaw Llwellyn , Writer: Rachel Bertone
See how this room has very neutral tones and then hints of driftwood and palm leaves! That is what I love about the beach it just seems so relaxing. The vases on the right on that back shelf… if they were only like a turquoise-y color, it would be perfect.
I have recently found a lot of my inspiration from a new magazine, Costal Living,  it's seriously like a beach resort in your hands! J
Here is another example:

Photo J. Savage Gibson, Stylist Heather Chadduck, Writer Mary Katherine Stump

I love the blue as a bold color here with accents of coral and tan accessories.
As a result of drooling over this magazine, I want to create the perfect centerpieces from my new inspiration. I’m sure you can tell… this will be somewhat difficult.
So Steven and I have decided that our big theme is going to be just a bold color and our beach-ness will come in at the centerpieces and the escort cards. Here are a few preliminary centerpieces my mom and I put together to start getting ideas.

These are just first round-ers. We like the lantern idea with one of those fake tea-lights inside but maybe 2 or 3 of different sizes together. We also would like to go with about 3 different ideas so that we have a variety.
What do you think? Like any of them? Hate any of them? Send me a comment on your thoughts!
Until next time…


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