Engagement Chronicles: Entertainment

Entertainment never seemed to be a top priority and that is probably because I never even knew where to start.


My first experience was at Wendy’s Bridal Expo in January. I got so many business cards which was a great thing because then I could go to their websites and check out their music and testimonials.
But the first thing was trying to figure out prices because no one likes to publicize them but they are willing to talk to you at their booth at these expos. They even have a lot of great discounts for going to the expos and getting their information. Prices ranged from $600-$2000 it all depends on what you want. And by ‘what you want’ I mean different packages that include different lighting and extended times.
For Steven and I, we looked at their websites and if they didn’t seem to be up-to-date then it didn’t seem like they were hip with the latest music. After we checked out the websites we set up appointments with three different DJ's.
The DJ that was the least expensive had a lot of background in the music/DJ business since I believe he owns or manages a couple radio stations or works for Clear Channel (don’t quote me on this!)
Another one of the DJ's was enjoyable but they are a big company with a lot of DJs and you could get anyone (probably not the one you consult with). They also add on for lighting at additional costs.
BDWP- Big Daddy Walker ProductionsI can see all your faces when you read that! I usually have to repeat myself because nobody believes me the first time I say it. But this DJ honestly was wonderful. He has a smaller crew himself and his wife are the owners and they do a lot of weddings themselves. But when we sat down with them at the consult they were super easy going and personable. He already started making a list of songs to play and was mixing songs for us right there! It was awesome. He is more expensive, and he knows that—he even told us that. But they are really committed to making it a special day for the bride and groom.
BDWP includes lighting in their price but they also don’t make it about the lighting, it is about the music, first and foremost for them. << This I loved!
They gave us a personal page for us to add different songs to different lists like ‘Must Play’ and ‘Do Not play.’ We can even give our guests a password and they can request songs. BDWP has a good eye for knowing people and was able to pinpoint similar artists to ones that we liked to add to the collection of songs to play for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.
At first I really wasn’t sure but after sitting down with Allen and his wife Debbie they really just seemed like friends. Neither Steven nor I felt pressured to choose them as our DJ but we felt comfortable and confident to pick them to represent us.
So now after looking into different music types like bands or DJs and seeing different styles of representing their business I know entertainment is a big deal. As a soon-to-be-bride the worst thing that can happen is that no one has fun or enjoys themselves and you really have to rely on your entertainment for that NOT to happen. As an aspiring planner, I know the key is research, research, research! Write all the songs you hear on the radio down that you love and can either have a really great time listening/dancing to or that you can relate to.  For you tech savvy brides, you can even download the app Shazam, to make it easier to find the artist of a song you might like.

Keeping track of your favorite tunes, will help so much when it comes to thinking of certain songs for certain situations such as father-daughter dance, bouquet toss, the last song, and so on.
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