Engagement Chronicles: Registry and Decorating Class at Pottery Barn

A few weeks back, my mom and I attend a joint registry party/class at Pottery Barn with their sister store Williams Sonoma. It was a fun little night! Part of the bonus is that we were able to register in their system if we wanted, which allowed us to create a registry if we wanted. I went ahead and did this because (1) I was already there and I wanted to register there anyway, and (2) I seriously cannot get enough of their stuff!

The event started first where we were lead by one of the managers to tell us about the store and how it was set up. She mentioned at the start that the summer stuff is seasonal and that by the time of our wedding it probably would not be in stock anymore. I already knew this, but it made me upset because I really LOVE all the beach and outdoors-y stuff!

So after that we were left to start registering. At first, I wasn't really into it because our wedding was over a year out and I just felt that it was too early but I decided to register for a few things, but I did eventually find a few things I decided to add.

Here are some of the items:
Shiny Hammered Flatware

Juliette Oversized Serving Platter (the one on the left)

Vintage Wood Carved Bowls

PB Classic Glass Canisters

They also had a session on how to make centerpieces. This was the part I was most interested in. I really love the lanterns with rope, shells and candles. During this part they were really good about helping you pick out what was complimentary to your theme and how to design them. I didn't know this, but they even have a complimentary service to help you actually set them up at your reception! How cool is that?

Here are a few ideas of what we came up with:

Knowing we want to do something like the above photos we bought a few of these pieces which were on clearance. We got them for practically nothing!

At the end, they gave us goodie bags that had informational items in them as well as some chocolates.
This experience was really good. We were able to learn more about registering and about Pottery Barn/Williams Sonoma. I would definitely suggest this event to other brides. You can learn so much from it and really figure out what you actually can and should register for. But as a planner I think it gives the brides another perspective of registering and etiquette. It gives a little more insight, I think, than just one person. The employees help brides all the time with registering and they know what is popular and what the new trends are.

Until next time...

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