Engagement Chronicles: Stick Around Eye Primer

Steven and I took our first round of engagement pics. (Coming Soon!)

I was researching for eye lid primer for eye shadow. I have oily skin so with that, my eye shadow tends to clump and crease and by the end of the night, I have none on.

So on my quest, I stumbled upon this little beauty on Sephora's website.

BUXOM stick around eye primer! This stuff is AWESOME! I read the reviews and everyone had great things to say about this sucker so I gave it a try and it worked wonders.

Since we took pictures outside at Ault Park (which was beautiful, by the way!) I really wanted my eye shadow to stay on and guess what... IT DID! We were outside for about 5 hours in pretty much the hottest part of the day and it really, honestly stayed on my eye lids and so did my eye shadow.

Conclusion: if you know you will be wearing eye shadow all day and need a good primer to keep it where it belongs, I really recommend BUXOM eye primer!

Until next time...

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