Engagement Chronicles: Engagement Photos

Remember me telling you our engagement photos would be coming soon...? Well here they are and we are thrilled!

Selecting a photographer was pretty easy for us.  Our dear friend, Isaiah Ratterman of Zaya Photography was our first and only choice! Not only is he a great friend but he's also an awesome photographer! We couldn't be happier to have him capture such a significant time in our lives, and thankful that he'll be a part of it!
The temperature was hotter than Hades but we managed to get a lot of great shots. We started off kind of rocky because we were nervous. Neither one of us likes to show PDA so we felt kind of silly at first.  It's hard to show affection when you know someone is watching.  Isaiah quickly made us feel at ease, and we were able to get into the groove of things eventually.
Here are a few of our favorites:

Can't wait to see what Isiah capture's on the big day!

Until next time...

Locations- Ault Park, Cincinnati
Clothing- Calvin Klein dress (me); Turquoise Dri-fit shirt and Calvin Klein plaid shorts (Steven)
Makeup- Buxom Eye Primer


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