Chalkboard Love

I enjoy the nostalgia of chalkboards.  It reminds me of childhood when life was footloose and fancy free.  The fact that it's now used in so many unique ways, just makes my heart flitter flutter when I see something really cool.

Here are a few that I really love!


Chalkboard Ailse Runner

Chalkboard Getaway Car!
Want more chalkboard ideas for your event?  Check out our Chalkboard Inpiration board on Pinterest here.

Have you incorporated any chalkboard decor into your event?  Tell us how!


Engagement Chronicles: Bridesmaids Dress Update

Just a quick update: We got the dresses! YAY!
Three of my bridesmaids were able to meet up in September and get measured for their dresses!

Sammy, quiet and cute, as usual!
Courtney being goofy!
Bekah, always stylin'!
Don't they just look amazingggg!!
We had a fun-filled afternoon with dress shopping and lunch! The girls tried on the dress from Wendy’s Cincinnati Bridal.
My two cousins, Bekah and Sammy.

Then we walked over to Foley’s for lunch.

Thanks for a great weekend girls!

Until next time...

Engagement Chronicles: Bridal Showers Galore

As a bride-to-be and being welcomed into a very big family I get the luxury to go to all the other brides in the family’s bridal showers and weddings! I love this. I have so much fun and get to know Steven’s family even more each event.

This also gives me ideas of what I should be registering for and what I like from different stores and such. It is a fun experience to pick out items for others and feel like you are helping the happy couple start their new lives together.  

At the last shower I attended, the bride wanted white dinnerware.

She mentioned that she really liked the white place settings because if they paint or move the dishes will always match.

I myself find white dinnerware to be kind of boring, but I never really thought about it in that way. I do like the way the dishes would always match but I really like a little pop of color on the dinner table. But I have kept that theory in mind!
What do you think? What did you register for?

Until next time…

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