Engagement Chronicles: Bridal Showers Galore

As a bride-to-be and being welcomed into a very big family I get the luxury to go to all the other brides in the family’s bridal showers and weddings! I love this. I have so much fun and get to know Steven’s family even more each event.

This also gives me ideas of what I should be registering for and what I like from different stores and such. It is a fun experience to pick out items for others and feel like you are helping the happy couple start their new lives together.  

At the last shower I attended, the bride wanted white dinnerware.

She mentioned that she really liked the white place settings because if they paint or move the dishes will always match.

I myself find white dinnerware to be kind of boring, but I never really thought about it in that way. I do like the way the dishes would always match but I really like a little pop of color on the dinner table. But I have kept that theory in mind!
What do you think? What did you register for?

Until next time…

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