Engagement Chronicles: Yes! To the Dress!

I said Yes! to the dress! I found THE dress!

This was such a magical moment for myself as well as my mom. I was called by a local bridal store, they told me that some Vera Wang dresses that were my "favorites" on their website were being put on sale for a limited time. So my mom and I decided we would go there and try some dresses on. This was the first time I had tried any dresses on for my mom. I had gone to two previous appointments with bridesmaids to get a feel for what I wanted. So this time was kind of a big deal!

I tried on about 5 different dresses and I honestly liked them all. I didn't think picking out a wedding dress would be that hard since I kind of knew what I liked. But the problem was liking EVERYTHING! I just felt beautiful in all the dresses and felt that each one would do the job for the big day. Yea, I was being one of those girls!

But as I tried on the second one, there was something there that just hit me. My mom went silent (which is quite unusual), and I just knew. I didn't want to take it off! It was gorgeous. But the funny thing is, is it is kind of completely the opposite of what I thought I would want... I know shocking, right!? The dress, to me, isn't cookie cutter, it's very modern and that is what I love about it.

I wish I could share pictures, but soon enough it will be here and you'll be able to see it in person! But below are some photos of styles I love!

So to all you brides out there looking for that perfect dress: just honestly make sure you stay true to yourself. Don't let others persuade you into making different choices. This is your day and if you feel beautiful, your groom will think the same thing!

Make sure you try on a lot of different styles; I know for one, that I tried on a lot of different styles because I thought they were cute in the magazine but I found out they weren't as cute on.

If you want more inspiration, check out my Pinterest Board here.
Until next time...

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