Engagement Chronicles: Flowers Galore

As a bride-to-be, I thought I would enjoy every aspect of wedding planning except the flowers. That's not a knock to florists, but I have never been one to get excited over flowers, probably because I can never keep them alive for more than 3 days...

So when my mom and I decided it was time to start our search for florists and start getting ideas, prices and meetings, I was a little apprehensive. I wasn't excited to pick out a bunch of flowers when I have NO CLUE what I wanted or even liked.

We did a little research for some local florist. I mean look at this screen shot of all the florist in the area...

This just seemed crazy and a little overwhelming! So we talked with a few friends and they recommended a few places but we decided to go with a local florist right down the street from us, Amelia Florist. We met with Angie and she knew a whole lot, and I mean a whole lot about flowers. She was wonderful! She was able to help me make what little vision I had come to life. I pulled some pictures from Google of tropical flowers that I liked and she was able to name them all (which I thought was impressive) and was able to make something out of nothing. 

Here are a few pictures I pulled for reference:
                                                                        Birds of Paradise

This will all be incorporated somehow in our bouquets and other flower arrangements. The main flower we chose was the orchid. It comes in a variety of colors and it can be died to match your colors. I love how on one stem you can get up to like 6 flowers, it is very elegant but tropical and it just goes with the flow. Angie was able to use my little knowledge of flowers to figure out what I wanted and was able to make it happen and for that I am forever grateful!

So to the brides out there that aren't sure about a certain aspect of wedding planning, whether it be flowers, centerpieces, decorations, etc. just think about what you might like, even if it is as simple as "tropical." When you meet with a professional, they will be able to pull from that little idea and make it grand. 

Until next time...

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