I realized a long time ago, that service is just a part of my DNA.  I’ve always had an affinity to help others and realized in college that doing so was my life’s mission.  Over the years my need to serve has morphed into and out of a lot of things, I think mainly due to changes in life but fundamentally it’s just what I do. 

In 2004, I planned my first wedding because someone asked me to help them and I did.  Still today I have the honor and privilege of sharing in the first day of a couple’s life together, and every single time it’s super exciting and heart warming.

I’m the girl that can talk to most anyone but I’ll readily admit that there’s a secret introvert lying inside.  Not only do I enjoy good conversation, I’m equally a good listener. Trust me though, that one has only come with time and growing pains.  The truth is I’ve found that when conversation goes two ways, there is so much more to learn and the intrigue of learning I’ll never get enough of.

For years those closest to me have suggested I write.  Especially after I started sending the annual “Frazier Family Times” each year during the Christmas season…but that topic is for another day.  The funny thing is…and shhh…don’t tell anyone….but I used to write short stories as a child. (hopefully you don’t see me blushing right now!)  But that said introvert mentioned above has hesitated blogging for a very long time.  So now here you have it a leap of faith. This blog. The Bride’s Eye View.

Through this blog I hope that you will find some solutions to your wedding day questions, and/or perhaps blues, encouragement, inspiration, the perfect vendor, and hopefully your “Ah Ha!” moment.  So as I chatter away, keep in mind that this is a two way street.  Leave a comment so we can get to know each other!  I’d love to be in community with you and whether I’m with you on your wedding day or not, I want it to be insanely fabulous, a perfect expression of you, flawless, enjoyable, and down right fun!

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

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